Youth Voting Initiatives- Do they work?

By: Lindsey Bertaut

In an election year, voting drives pop up everywhere. Both local and national organizations focus most of their efforts on the 18- to 24-year-old voters. But are these efforts paying off at the polls?

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Hear more from Secretary of State Jay Dardenne


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Jay Dardenne and David Burstein speak to LSU students in the Holliday Forum

If you missed it, check out Jay Dardenne’s and David Burstein’s speeches right here!

Jay Dardenne & David Burstein intro

David Burstein after film

Will you voice your opinion in 2008?

Will you voice your opinion in 2008?

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A Timeline of Voting Rights in the United States

by Lori Paredes

1776 –White property owning males have the right to vote

1792 –New Hampshire eliminates property qualifications for voting

1856 –Some property qualifications in North Carolina are eliminated

1869 –Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution is passed giving African American males the right to vote

1870 –Fifteenth Amendment is ratified expanding the franchise to freed slaves and other African Americans

1920 –Native Americans who abandon their tribes earn the right to vote

1920 –The Nineteenth Amendment adopted in 1919 is ratified, giving women the right to vote

1923 –Asian Indians are given the right to vote

1924 –Non-citizen Indians born in the United States are declared citizens and given the right to vote

1943 –Chinese citizens are given the right to citizenship and the right to vote

1960 –Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1960

1965 –The Voting Rights Act is passed

1971 –the 26th Amendment is ratified, giving 18 year-olds the right to vote

expanded timeline

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